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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 1, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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walking down the street, talking on your cell phone, you're an easy target for somebody to take it out of your hand. >> a band of bad guys roaming the city. giving shoppers on their cell phones a wake-up call they were not expecting. good evening, everyone. >> it's not a smash and grab. it's a punch and text. walking and texting or talking in any city is not the safest
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thing to do. but if you're out shopping and using your smartphone in san francisco's union square, you're begging for trouble. the latest rip-off. cheryl hurd has more on who is being targeted. >> reporter: it's people who can't defend themselves. and more importantly, those who use these phones and don't pay attention. smartphones have become an extension of our hand and our lives. >> reading work e-mail. >> reporter: do you talk on the phone and walk down the street? >> all the time. talk, text, check my e-mails. >> reporter: we all do it. and san francisco police chief says stop because robbers are taking advantage of our addiction to stay connected. >> we've seen a rise in the theft of cell phones. and the main reason is they're available. >> reporter: available because almost everyone has a smartphone and thieves want them, too. >> walking down the street talking on your cell phone,
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you're an easy target for somebody to take it out of your hand. >> reporter: police reported 40 cell phone muggings in san francisco alone. a good portion of them happened here at the heart of the city's shopping mecca, union square. the targets, women, the disabled and young people. and the robberies almost always involve physical violence, a punch in the face a knife or a gun to the head. >> the violence comes into play when people fight back. >> reporter: police say people shouldn't fight back. that could be dangerous. >> i'm nervous when i'm walking with my purse because i've had situations where someone's tried to take my stuff. >> i've had my mac stolen. i don't want to go down that path again. >> reporter: you're not going to do it anymore? >> probably not. >> reporter: police tell me tonight there is a real underground market for these phones. i'm told that this 3g apple could go for $30 to 100 bucks.
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>> thank you, cheryl. a routine trip to the grocery store turned possible hate crime. a 32-year-old man said he was leaving a lucky supermarket last week when he was assaulted by a group of men. they said they beat him and called him a terrorist. this week, the man reportedly underwent surgery to repair a joken jaw he suffered in the attack. the man came from india as a child and works as a industrial designer. investigators are looking to see if the store's surveillance camera documented the attack. a former lab technician accused of stealing cocaine seized in busts and raids, now faces an indictment, as well. deborah radden was handed down an indictment in san francisco. she allegedly skimmed coke during a three-month period starting in 2009. the federal case follows a state
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effort that failed to have enough evidence to charge madden with a crime. he tells us that the federal government's involvement in this case is too far-reaching. >> that includes criminal cases. about ten years ago, a little over, the united states supreme court started rejecting prosecutions based on commerce clause challenges. and you may well see one in this case. >> madden resigned from her post shortly before lab supervisors began to suspect she was skimming those drugs. the wind is findly blowing out of town. in southern california, downed power lines whipped up this grass fire. and all across the state, thousands of trees that were standing a couple of days ago, are not anymore. power crews are working overtime to g customers in the dark back online. we have team coverage for you
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tonight. team meteorologist, jeff raineri on the wind and the warnings. but first, the thousands of people in the dark tonight. >> reporter: you wouldn't know it standing in a bright, busy shopping center. but look behind me you can see power is out here. it first went out about 9:30 this morning. back on at 2:30. off again at 5:45. it hadn't come on since. and about 30,000 customers here in santa cruz county are dealing with these power outages. >> a long day, living in the land of darkness. >> reporter: in the hills of santa cruz, darkness. drivers navigating busy roadways without working stoplights. a pitch-black shopping center. >> power went out. we had to go home. >> reporter: high winds knocked out power for more than 24,000 pg&e customers throughout the county. >> a lot of tree limbs coming down on cars. >> reporter: all day long, this
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driver has -- >> and my brand-new nissan, crushed by a tree limb up here in scotts valley. earlier, there was a car that was just about cut in half by a tree limb. >> look at that. look at this spark here. wow. >> reporter: and the wild, windy mess spread across california. in total, an estimated 340,000 lost power. >> once we landed, we came in the airport. not even five minutes. and everything went black. >> reporter: in southern california, hurricane-force winds left travelers at l.a.x. stranded. 23 planes were rerouted. in los angeles, a downed electrical line sparked brush fires. >> we were losing shingles off of the roof. rain gutter came flying off. it was nuts. >> the damage throughout the state, already estimated to be in the millions. it will take days to clean up. >> you've seen fences blown down. signs blown down.
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and the power outage, normally, in the wintertime, we'll get maybe a day or two of power outages total. but not one like this. >> reporter: and the windy weather is also forcing several schools throughout the area to close tomorrow. all schools within the school district will stay closed tomorrow. live in scotts valley. when will things finally start calming down across the bay area? for that, we turn to jeff ranieri. >> we expect much improved weather in the next 12 to 18 hours. the wind is widespread. from 92-mile-per-hour wind gusts on mt. diablo. whitaker peak in los angeles, where the largest damage was. nearly 500,000 customers that were impacted with power outages. now, we're under a wind advisory. the wind warning has been canceled. we're on the downward side of
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this event, with winds that could gust 15 to 30 miles per hour in the hills above 1,000 feet. look at this. eood news in san francisco. thd wind is below 10 miles per hour at this point. but it will still be brey as we head throughout the b mornin. here's me good news. right now, the worst wind we could find on our maps was blackhawk, a 20-mile-per-hour gust in the last 15 minutes. gusty in the hills. could go up to 30. and we may have isolated power outages with all of the trees and power lines that remain weak. coming up, we'll talk about our top wind gusts. and a much-improved weekend forecast. >> thanks very much. park rangers at yosemite says it's too early to tell if a body found in the merced river was one of a group of hikers that went over the walls in july. of the three people that went over the walls, only the remains
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of one has been identified. david and two others climbed over a guardrail before slipping into the swollen river. legendary bay area radio station, kgo, is dismissing most of its top talent. that announcement was made a few hours ago, that many of the station's most recognizable voices will be let go. as the station switches to an all-new format between the hours of 2:00 p.m. to midnight. the strange starts monday. among those leaving, bill berns, gene gross, and bill rothman. kgo was sold to kbs media. station management says it hopes to reinvent itself with the new format. the new slug, kgo 810, the bay area news and information station. when we come back, they were hungry to get here. now, they're just hungry. why a jamaican marching band is on a bay area adventure without
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food. and they need help tonight. >> almost 50 bucks. you can do a lot with 50 bucks. >> you've heard of layaway extended payment plans. you may not have heard of this. it's the new way to pay for presents this year. it won't cost you a thing. and two bay area tech giants are looking for the next big thing. it could win you not only fame but fortune, as well. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. some of our top wind gusts, anywhere from 43 miles per hour in livermore to 92 at mt. hamilton. and that dry north wind helping numbers to get up to almost 70 in san jose. we'll have more on our cold caforeorst you fdenr t ekwech-i forecast for your weekend. ro
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the occupy s.f. movement is showing signs of division, following a day of clashes between protesters and police. what started out as a peaceful act of defiance at justin herman plaza, later turned into a standoff between protesters and police. demonstrators are claiming small victories after they apparently forced sfpd officers to break down barricades minutes after setting them up. one officer is getting treatment for a hand injury suffered in the clashes. tonight, protesters appear split in whether to accept the city's offer to move away from the plaza and into an abandon school in the mission district. a marching band from jamaica is going to play the parade this saturday. they're excited to play the
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parade. but their budget has hit a sour note. we have more on an effort to drum up food donations for a group that's far from home. >> reporter: there's a new pete going through oakland. >> we're not ready for this. >> reporter: band leader clinton jackson says the drum beat is an escape for most of these kids from troubled home life in jamaica. he's warming them up for oakland's holiday parade on saturday. the group raised $50,000 for what may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> it's a good experience for me. >> reporter: craig says his bass drum is the heartbeat of the band. and it gets his blood pumping. >> when i feel the music, sometimes i get all the fun, too. but i know how to monitor it. >> reporter: ocean nelson is on the snare drum. she can't wait to see american marching bands. >> see how well they play.
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yeah. and i like it so much. >> reporter: while band members perfect their steps, oakland holiday parade organizers are drumming up support for the visitors. asking that food donations be sent to the hotel where they're staying. while they're big on music, they are short on cash for meals. the kids are leaning on each other. >> we have to learn how to share with each other. >> even though it's celebrating our -- we can help them out, as well. >> reporter: but their hosts are hoping the community will help make their short visit delicious. mr. jackson has high hopes. we have an update on a story we brought you last night. there's been outpouring of support from our viewers for bay area children living in foster care this holiday season. alternative family services says it received hundreds of dollars in donations after nbc bay area shared their story last night.
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the nonprofit organization serves over 500 foster kids. and hopes to put presents under the tree for all of them. while the donations are a good start, the organization has a way long way to go. its goal is $10,000 and 3,000 gifts, just to meet the minimum holiday needs of local foster families. it's not too late to help. go to our website, a former san francisco school superintendent recently received almost $1 million to leave a similar position in philadelphia. but apparently that wasn't enough. eileen ackerman was let go of her position last summer. now, she's filing for unemployment after the philadelphia school board paid ackerman $950,000 to buy out the remaining three years of her contract. part of the agreement did include a clause that would allow her to claim unemployment. she would be eligible for the maximum unemployment benefit of $573 a week. in 2006, ackerman was fired from
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her job as school superintendent of san francisco. part of her severance package there, $375,000. who doesn't have an old cell phone in your drawer or a camera they don't use anymore? you probably have a couple hundred dollars worth of the stuff right now that you can trade in for cash and avoid the hassle of selling it on craigslist or ebay. we'll let you know how to get the cash you may not know about. anna garcia explains. >> reporter: giant retailers, best buy, walmart and amazon, have extended their trade-in program to include so much more than old video games. the raid-in business is no longer for kids. they take cell phones, cameras, mp3 players and more. >> it's not just limited to games. that's the main benefit of this. >> reporter: i took a bag of stuff to this best buy in culver city to see how much i can get. >> i have three games. >> we don't do movies,
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unfortunately. >> reporter: but they do accept them online. i had two cell phones, belonging to our producer and my cars owe camera. >> my camera's only worth 12 bucks. the older flip phone was worth nothing. and my son's wii games netted me a gift card worth $20.80. amazon's trade-in center took all of my items, including the flip phone that best buy rejected. all they would give me was 75 cents. in the end, they were pretty competitive. best buy offered me $111.50. amazon, $110. >> i checked the prices online before i come in. >> reporter: allen graham used best buy's online trade-in estimator to figure out what his four games were worth. i mean, that's almost 50 bucks. you can do a lot with 50 bucks. >> going to go to the trash or the garage. why not? >> $4.
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>> reporter: kevin frederick walked away with a $70 best buy gift card. if you want money to use anywhere, that takes longer. and the payout is less. >> the credit that you get in-store is much higher than what you would get from the mailed check. >> thauz with anna garcia, reporting. best buy, walmart and amazon have easy online centers to calculate the item. the shipping is free. they provide the label. all you have to do is pack it. include accessories. the $12 anna got for her casio camera would have dropped to zero if she didn't include the charger. >> 110 bucks. that was pretty good. >> i'm sure we have a couple of those things lying around. >> i'm going to look in my kids' bedroom. let's go to jeff and talk about the wind. finally. >> we're not going to have to say the four-letter word as we head through part of this week. let's get a look right now. today's highs, there was warm
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and low 70s, in the dry component to the wind. san rafael, 72. 65 in livermore. 65 in gilroy. and close to 70 in los gatos. as we look outside right now, we're finding breezy to windy conditions, from the san bruno mountain to the bay bridge. this will wind down tonight. numbers dropping in the 60s in the north bay. we're starting to see the wind relax. so, for the morning hours, going to be cold and a little bit of wind with us. for friday, calming weather and plenty of sunshine. and it's an unusual storm track may bring us a weekend that we're going to like quite a bit. we've started to see the winds relax down to about ten miles and less from san francisco to redwood city. we're on the better side of this storm event. and currently, clear skies and those winds calming will lead us to cold weather for tomorrow morning. as you look at the overall
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pattern. this area of high pressure is something we typically see in july and august. it's so strong out here. we're not going to see any kind of storm activity in the next 48 hours. that will leave us for breezy for friday. saturday and sunday, we'll stay dry. and sunday, slightly above average in my seven-day forecast. for your morning, what can you expect? breezy in the valleys. 5 to 15. could go up to 30. but decreasing wind throughout the day. we're starting to see this wind event, again, wind down for us. tonight, we're going to see the coldest weather in the north bay, with 43 in santa rosa. 44 in napa. we may have isolated 30s there. just all depends on how this wind, you know, stops in some of our interior valleys, which is too hard to pinpoint forecast down into the morning because it's been so erratic. we'll start cool to cold and stay dry and sunny for friday. 62 in san mateo. 63 in san francisco. and for the east bay, 65 in
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concord. 62 in san ramon. and mid-60s towards alamo and pleasanton. 70 in calistoga, with 63 in bodega bay. you click the weather tab and get more on this wild wind across the state of california. and you can see by this weekend, it stays dry with cold nights and also plenty of sunshine. >> thank you, jeff. coming up, have you dreamed up the next social media sensation? why one bay area cpany wants to bay you $100,000 for it.
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now, those holiday white cans are being canned. the seasonal red cans will start shipping by next week. time to toss it up to henry in the comcast newsroom to see what's coming up in sports. >> we have a lot to talk about. and it's not good news. the oakland raiders have won three in a row. and are on top of the afc west. but today, they got some very disturbing news. starting linebacker, rolando mcclain was arrested after allegedly firing his gun in his hometown, just inches away from a man's, next the details, xt in sports. ♪
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i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. okay. what's your secret? [ male announcer ] the new united mileage plus explorer card. get it, and you're in. time to check in with henry in the comcast sports net newsroom. we have to start with the raiders. >> absolutely, jessica. the raiders starting middle linebacker, rolando mcclain, has
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been charged with four misdoctors, assault in the third degree, reckless endangerment and discharging a firearm in city limits. he was released from jail after posting bail today. this is a complicated story. mcclain, as seen smiling in this photo while being arrested. he was released from jail around 3:00. according to the raiders, mcclain was in alabama to attend the funeral of his andfather. there's no word on whether he will be at practice tomorrow. here's the mug shot taken this morning of rolando mcclain. this is the second one incident this year involving mcclain. he called morgan county 911 on january 28th to report being shot at while driving. as for this most recent incident, there is an alleged victim right here by the name -- 23-year-old. and his name is rashard
11:28 pm
tassscott. he says he has been friends with mcclain since before middle school. willingham was also arrested for the altercation. all three grew up playing football and basketball in decatur. the victim said rolando mcclain grabbed the pistol, aimed it at him. while he was on the ground he walked over to him and put the gun at his head. the victim said he begged mcclain not to shoot him. and mcclain took the gun away from his head and held it next to his ear and fired it. over to the ice, canadiens and sharks. late third, 3-2, habs. ryane clowe scores to send this game into overtime. clowe's first goal since november 3rd. sixth round of the shoot-out. joe pavelski, get busy, joe. give san jose the advantage. so, antti niemi needs to be the
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hero. can he do it? yes, he can, just like bob the builder. sharks win, 4-3, final in the shoot-out. before we get out of here, other news. there will be a special holiday gift for warriors fans. according to a league force, the ws will open the season on christmas day against the l.a. clippers. warriors' brass met today about the start of the nba season. we're ready for hoops. and in case you're not aware, jessica said she would buy you and myself front-row seats. >> courtside, of course. >> only the best for us, right? >> only the best.henraty. >> t hahenry. >> thank you, jessica. >> you got it. we'll be right back. ♪
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